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September 4-6, 2015-C’est la Vie: MFA Dance Thesis Concert

C’est la Vie is a double bill of dance works choreographed by MFA in Dance candidates Ariel Burge and Kelsey Paschich

Exquisite Corpse, a work of contemporary dance, video projection and design, directed and choreographed by Master of Fine Arts Candidate Kelsey Paschich, utilizes surrealism as the theoretical/conceptual framework. This work questions identity, presence and absence. Just as a surrealist would experiment with different mediums, Exquisite Corpse is an intersection of contemporary dance and media. The desire to develop a deep connection through collaboration was the impetus for Master of Fine Arts candidate, Ariel Burge in conceiving I Am Because We Are. The creative process began by cultivating a collaborative community based on mutual respect. The cross-pollination of ideas evolved the work as new concepts and structures were explored with choreographer, composer, designers, and performers creating in conjunction.

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