Instructions for viewing Galleries:
The startup screen displays the various albums that are available for viewing. Select the album you would like to view. The album by default will play as a slideshow with intervals of about 3 seconds (this depends upon your internet connection speed) between images. You can stop the slideshow at any time by pressing the pause button on the bottom right side play and pause icons and then resume again by pressing the same button (it looks like a play button now).
You can also view thumbnails for images in the gallery by hovering your mouse/cursor over the thumbnails at the bottom of the gallery screen . By clicking on a number you will jump to that point in the slideshow. However it also pauses the slideshow. You can press play to resume the slideshow.
An alternative to viewing the gallery as a slideshow is to manually progress through the images by using the plus and minus icons plus minus icons. Viewing speed will depend upon your internet connection speed.
Sometimes galleries may have more images than just the numbers you see at first. In those cases you can use the arrow icon arrow icons to move back and forth across a gallery's thumbnails.
At any time you can return to the gallery listings page by clicking the grid icon grid icon on the bottom left hand side.
Clicking on an image in a gallery will open a pop-up window with a larger version of the photo that you clicked.